Author: Suzanne Aumack

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Working with a CEM can positively impact your bottom line

When it comes to energy efficiency for commercial buildings, there are a host of companies offering solutions, but they aren’t all created equal. Finding the right partner to guide you in making the best energy efficiency decisions for your facility is an extremely important business decision. It impacts energy expenses and building efficiency for years to come, the health and comfort of your building tenants and your company’s reputation for sustainability. That’s why it’s important to work with a Certified Energy Manager (CEM®).

Tapping Incentive Programs is Important for Affordability

In a rising interest-rate market, finding affordable capital to modernize infrastructure for energy savings can be a huge challenge for building owners. But not when you know how to tap the many incentives and financing options available. Whether you are upgrading lighting, replacing HVAC systems, looking for energy storage or resiliency, or just looking for major cost reductions, the key is working with an energy-efficiency company that is also an expert in financing.

For businesses, getting maximum incentives means less revenue to earn, less capital to find elsewhere. For nonprofits tapping incentives means less fundraising and more money to put towards operational budgets.