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As Facility Services Division Manager, Graydon Braley Ensures Properties Stay in Top Shape 

Routine preventative maintenance, emergency service, and special renovation projects are often a big part of budgets for assisted living facilities. Any delays in service or maintenance affect not only your bottom line but also the quality of life of your clients and staff. Vanguard Building Solutions keeps your facility running smoothly and within budget. 

At the helm of the company’s Facility Services division is Graydon Braley, who has almost four decades experience in the commercial and industrial construction industries. He’s worked with lighting, HVAC, indoor air quality, building automation, and more. 

Along the way, he’s built great partnerships which Vanguard clients can leverage for optimal, cost effective facilities management. Below we outline what these services entail and hear from Braley how property managers from Houston, TX, to Chicago keep properties running efficiently with his help.