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Vanguard Building Solutions provides a wide range of energy services, with an eye towards reducing energy consumption, driving down costs, improving energy efficiency, establishing operational resiliency, and minimizing risk for our clientele.

We deploy our service offerings in a comprehensive, holistic fashion, custom tailored to satisfy the specific needs of each client. This blended approach to Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) enables Vanguard to maximize the value stack of the proposed solutions, thereby optimizing the return on investment (ROI).

Our sister company, Interiors by Vanguard has deep experience in property interior design, furniture, fixture and equipment (FF&E) procurement, and indoor air quality solutions.

LED Lighting & Controls

Lighting audits, feasibility studies, energy performance analysis, infrared testing and simple paybacks

Engineering & Design-Build

Turn-key project development & delivery, engineering studies, peer review and holistic energy design

Mechanical Systems

HVAC, boiler & chiller upgrades, steam & hot water systems, ground source and air source heat pumps

Energy Efficiency

Holistic building energy assessments, pumps, fans, VFD’s, ozone laundry systems and building envelope

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

UV-C Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI), mechanical filtration, sorbent air cleaning technologies and portable solutions

Building Automation Systems

Master System Integration (MSI), remote BAS access solutions, building energy analytics, Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FD&D)

Power Generation & Storage

On-site solar PV, energy storage systems (ESS), combined heat and power (CHP), demand management & demand response (DR)

Flexible Funding Models

Energy savings performance contracts (ESPC), Energy as a Service Agreements (ESA), Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), and full project funding