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Ensure You Meet Code Compliance While Encouraging Long-Term Growth

Caring for the most vulnerable members in society shouldn’t be taken lightly, and it all starts with creating a nurturing environment. In all our renovation projects, the primary goal is to enhance the lives of everyone at these communities, which means not just for the residents but also for employees and guests.

There are many other reasons property renovations are vital. A renovated space with new paint, carpeting, lights, artwork, FF&E and more will help your property meet CMS guidelines during annual reviews and avoid home-like environment citations that could result in a lost license. Your refurbished property will also serve as a marketing piece to entice new residents and employees.

Interiors by Vanguard specializes in these renovation projects. Below we outline some must-have renovation options for your space and explain why we’re the go-to partners for long-term care properties in Broward County, FL, and throughout the United States.