Industries We Serve

Vanguard Building Solutions works with clients across all market sectors. Any facility that uses electricity, natural gas or distillate fuels to maintain daily operations will benefit from the energy efficiency, sustainability, and resiliency projects in which we specialize.

As states and municipalities enact more stringent clean energy standards, it is vital that building owners remain in compliance with increasingly tougher environmental laws. VBS will keep your organization apprised of the changing regulatory landscape, while securing all incentives and tax benefits available from regional utilities and state agencies.

Whether big or small, for-profit or not-for-profit, VBS has the technical expertise, knowledge and flexible funding models, to help your organization drive down energy costs, improve tenant comfort and optimize operational efficiency.

Reducing consumption and carbon emissions with energy efficiency measures, while ensuring patient safety and comfort with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions

Energy efficiency and infrastructure upgrades to provide a more sustainable, resilient learning environment for faculty, staff and students

Working with large buildings to drive down energy costs, improve tenant comfort, eliminate waste, and develop new revenue streams

Striking a balance between energy efficiency and productivity, while enhancing operational continuity with on-site power generation and storage

Improving energy efficiency across all aspects of operations, with LED lighting, HVAC, pumps, fans, compressors and refrigeration

Deploying energy conservation measures and corporate sustainability strategies to enhance guest comfort and safety, while reducing operational costs