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Commercial Real Estate

Energy costs can account for up to one-half of all operating expenses in commercial buildings including high-rise residential, condominiums and office buildings. Additionally, the commercial sector accounts for about 17% of the total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, energy management should not be addressed solely as a financial or environmental issue – they are inherently connected.

Vanguard connects the concepts of energy efficiency, sustainability and resiliency for commercial developers, managers, and tenants alike. We help companies balance profitability and environmental stewardship, through the deployment of supply-side and demand-side energy solutions. These efforts dovetail perfectly with corporate social responsibility goals, while concurrently driving significant energy savings and new revenue streams.

Vanguard Building Solutions will help your organization achieve:

  • Energy cost reductions
  • Increased property market valuations
  • Improved tenant comfort and safety
  • Mitigation against the risk of grid outages and extreme weather events
  • Replacement of aging assets with optimized paybacks
  • Infrastructure upgrades with little or no out-of-pocket costs