Customizable Financing

Flexible Funding Models

Our ability to provide flexible, cashflow positive funding options to our clients sets Vanguard Building Solutions apart from the competition. We use Guaranteed Energy Savings to offset the costs of the energy projects we develop and deploy.

We understand that each organization has its own challenges, such as securing tax benefits for non-profits, or managing risk and strategic outcomes for larger institutions. What our clients have in common is the need for a trusted partner who can deliver the upgrades they require, and a funding solution they can afford.

VBS offers the following flexible funding solutions:

  • Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC)
  • Energy as a Service Agreements (ESA)
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)
  • Operating Leases
  • Cashflow Positive Projects
  • Incentive & Tax Credit Management
  • Project Finance up to 100% of Project Value

Using a variety of customizable funding models, VBS can provide financing up to 100% of the total project cost—with no cash out of pocket for the client.