Is It Time for a Remodel for Your Long-Term Care or Assisted Living Property?

Ensure You Meet Code Compliance While Encouraging Long-Term Growth

Caring for the most vulnerable members in society shouldn’t be taken lightly, and it all starts with creating a nurturing environment. In all our renovation projects, the primary goal is to enhance the lives of everyone at these communities, which means not just for the residents but also for employees and guests.

There are many other reasons property renovations are vital. A renovated space with new paint, carpeting, lights, artwork, FF&E and more will help your property meet CMS guidelines during annual reviews and avoid home-like environment citations that could result in a lost license. Your refurbished property will also serve as a marketing piece to entice new residents and employees.

Interiors by Vanguard specializes in these renovation projects. Below we outline some must-have renovation options for your space and explain why we’re the go-to partners for long-term care properties in Broward County, FL, and throughout the United States.

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Important Areas to Prioritize

Every community should consider common areas of improvement—these range from upgrading lighting to add vitality to rearranging furniture for greater efficiency.

Energy Consumption: In conjunction with our partner company, Vanguard Building Solutions, we can incorporate upgraded lighting, boilers, HVAC and plumbing to maximize energy savings after the renovation. Property owners often use these savings to offset the project’s overall cost.

Staff Retention: Labor shortages are an issue across the country but are especially prevalent in senior care. Avoid turnover by revamping employee-focused spaces. This includes breakrooms, nurses’ stations, and a traveling physician’s office. The overall aim of these refreshes should be to give your staff a safe, comforting space to recharge.

Marketability: Renovations often focus on high-impact areas visible to guests and potential employees, including discovery rooms, dining areas, kitchens, lobbies, and other common spaces. Create bright, home-like environments that meet regulations and encourage new guests and employees. Keep these areas fresh with updated lighting, paint, artwork, and comfortable furniture.

Inefficient Processes: Sometimes, inefficiencies come down to design, not personnel. By reconfiguring dining seating and upgrading technology to include intuitive building controls, you’ll be able to tailor common areas better to meet the current and future needs of residents and staff.

Indoor Air Quality: With a vulnerable population, it’s particularly important to have upgraded HVAC systems that allow the flow of fresh outside air to reduce the transmission of airborne pathogens.

Upgrade Therapy Services: Create a more efficient path from the parking lot to the physical therapy area by shortening transport distance as much as possible. This is vital for an efficient flow and a key selling point for potential residents.

Why You Should Work with Interiors by Vanguard

We have experience working in occupied healthcare environments and know how to partner with multiple stakeholders, acquire specialized products and execute successful projects. We start with a programming meeting where we hear your primary issues (citations, turnover, competition, etc.) and work with you to develop viable solutions.

Each project follows a scalable procedure with a detailed budget, a schedule outlining when to expect preliminary designs and scopes, finalized designs, construction and bid documents, project execution details, and final building turnover.

We know that budgets are tight in this industry, so we ensure we’re never wasteful. For example, we do our best to repurpose as much existing furniture, artwork and finishes as possible during our renovations to create a fresh, timeless space without unnecessary spending.

Vanguard Building Solutions and Interiors by Vanguard have over 30 years of experience renovating occupied environments throughout the United States. If you have questions about how to get started or need assistance with finishing the job, we can help from concept to completion. Contact us here to discuss how Vanguard can help you achieve your goals!