Group standing in front of PSE&G banner as Vanguard receives award from Direct Install program

Saving Energy, Saving Money for Clients: Vanguard Tops PSE&G Direct Install Program in NJ

PSE&G is a standout among America’s top 25 utilities and among the best when it comes to investing in energy efficiency. So being recognized by PSE&G is a major honor. Recently, Vanguard was named #1 in achieving Overall Energy Savings for clients in 2023 through PSE&G’s Direct Install Program in New Jersey.

Among 100 trade allies that participated in the Direct Install program, Vanguard Building Solutions emerged as the leader. “We secured for clients a remarkable $7.7 million in incentives, propelling 32 clients towards transformative energy upgrades,” notes Matt Lima, Director of Energy and Utility Programs, who accepted the PSE&G Award on behalf of Vanguard.

Why Being a Trade Ally Matters

Trade allies are contractors who have the expertise, capabilities, specialized training and financial prowess to meet the utility companies’ stringent requirements. Vanguard is a trade ally with PSE&G, JCP&L, NJNG, South Jersey Gas, Elizabethtown Gas, and Atlantic City Electric, covering 100% of the Garden State.

Collaborating with a trade ally unlocks utility-based financial incentives offered exclusively through pre-approved contractors like Vanguard. Another benefit to working with Vanguard: we are an Energy Service Company (ESCO), meaning that we are certified to optimize a building’s overall energy infrastructure, provide financing solutions, and manage projects end-to-end.

Windfall of Cost-Free Capital for Small Businesses

In New Jersey, energy efficiency programs play a major role in meeting the state’s sustainability goals through utility-sponsored programs. All NJ utilities offer financial incentives for businesses to retrofit and upgrade to energy-efficient technologies. The goal: lower expenses, use power more effectively, and become more sustainable.

Offered by all major utility companies in NJ, the Small Business Direct Install (SBDI) program is a game changer for small businesses in the Garden State, providing incentives of up to 80 percent of the project cost and 0 percent financing for up to 5 years.

“In this interest-rate environment, accessing capital at zero percent is virtually unheard of,” notes Lima. “This is a great time for small businesses to invest in energy conservation measures since the government and the utilities are willing to foot a majority of the cost.”

Who qualifies as a small business under SBDI? Commercial accounts with an average annual demand of 200 KW or less are prime candidates—organizations like schools, doctor’s offices, restaurants, office buildings, religious organizations, and even small manufacturing facilities.

Are you a small business interested in saving energy and money with minimal upfront costs? Contact us today and tell us about your project. We’ll help you tap into these utility-based incentives to improve your energy usage and your bottom line.