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Multi-Faceted Engineering Group Delivers Well-Rounded Services for Clients 

Each month, we highlight a different division helping Vanguard Building Solutions deliver high-caliber service to our clients. This month we’re looking at our engineering department. Our work as a renewable energy company is only possible with the talented team of engineers led by Director of Engineering Brian Theordor.

From the initial project stages of auditing and design through a project’s conclusion, including commissioning and measurement and verification, his team is actively involved in ensuring projects meet and exceed all of their objectives. For our latest blog, we talked to him about the engineering team and the processes they follow to deliver optimal results across a wide range of sectors in New York, New Jersey, and nationwide. 

Take Advantage of Clean Energy Initiatives in Your Area

Throughout the United States, there has been a concerted effort toward decarbonization. Decarbonization aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to eventually create a net-zero environment.

Though there are a few reasons why decarbonization is a priority in the United States and around the world, creating greater resiliency and sustainability in the nation’s grid is the most immediate one. By using renewable energy and lowering reliance on fossil fuels, it’s easier for energy grids to adjust to changes in demand and avoid blackouts during major weather events.

To meet decarbonization goals, state and municipal governments have taken a carrot and stick approach–using a combination of rewards and punishments to increase compliance. On the one hand, carbon taxes are increasing with legislation like New York’s Law 97 punishing businesses for not reducing emissions. On the other hand, renewable energy incentives are available to companies ranging from hospitals in Trenton, NJ, to Miami Beach hotels.   

It’s hard to know how to take advantage of these incentives. Below we highlight some of the types of incentives available, as well as the ways a renewable energy company like Vanguard helps you redeem them.

Vanguard Business Solutions has over 80 years of combined experience deploying complex energy infrastructure for hospitality, commercial, and medical environments. Our solar power generation and storage systems help businesses adapt to the changing energy environment.