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State Will Pay for Up to 75% of the Cost of Improving Indoor Air Quality for Qualifying Businesses 

As with many states across the country, New Jersey offers financial incentives to help meet the state’s clean energy goals. These include the NJ Clean Heat Program, Electric Vehicle Incentives and the NJ Clean Energy Program. 

The NJ Clean Energy program is particularly useful since it’s aimed at helping small, women-owned and minority-owned businesses, who may otherwise not have the financial resources or experience, become more energy efficient by significantly improving their indoor air quality. Unfortunately, many companies aren’t aware of the program or don’t know how to navigate through the application process. 

This is why working with a company like Vanguard Building Solutions and their Certified Energy Managers (CEM) is a critical step in the process. Our team (pictured) have helped clients in Princeton, Newark, and Fort Lee, receive the max threshold of 75% for complete replacement of aging, failing or obsolete HVAC systems of all types that serve these commercial buildings.  

Below we provide additional details on the NJ Clean Energy Program and show you how our incentive management program ensures you maximize the savings  you’re entitled to without dealing with complicated red tape. Our experts will walk you through the entire process. 

Ensure You Meet Code Compliance While Encouraging Long-Term Growth

Caring for the most vulnerable members in society shouldn’t be taken lightly, and it all starts with creating a nurturing environment. In all our renovation projects, the primary goal is to enhance the lives of everyone at these communities, which means not just for the residents but also for employees and guests.

There are many other reasons property renovations are vital. A renovated space with new paint, carpeting, lights, artwork, FF&E and more will help your property meet CMS guidelines during annual reviews and avoid home-like environment citations that could result in a lost license. Your refurbished property will also serve as a marketing piece to entice new residents and employees.

Interiors by Vanguard specializes in these renovation projects. Below we outline some must-have renovation options for your space and explain why we’re the go-to partners for long-term care properties in Broward County, FL, and throughout the United States.

The Right Strategy Reduces Costs and Carbon Emissions

Are you looking for energy-saving building solutions to address rising costs and a growing trend towards decarbonization? With inflation and fuel prices rising steeply, energy conservation is top of mind for building owners and managers looking to reduce their operational expenditures. Many properties are also looking to reduce carbon emissions to avoid imminent penalties or take advantage of federal and local municipality incentives – including grants, on-bill financing, and no-interest loans to offset the costs of the upgrades.

Whether your property is in Houston, NYC or anywhere in the US, Vanguard Building Solutions has many recommendations for cutting energy use across your portfolio. These energy conservation measures will deliver an immediate return on your investment, whether it’s something as simple as upgrading HVAC filters to implementing  full-building electrification.